The People’s Pantry

Join us on the 29th February, 11am to 2pm, for The People’s Pantry Open Day. 

Meet our artist in residence Angelica Vanasse, see what’s happening in the pantry, and take part in our food story exchanges. 

We’ll be talking food memories, swapping seeds and exploring ways to sow seeds for microgreens!

Everyone is welcome, free event but booking required

The people’s pantry

The concept

The idea for The People’s Pantry came from a number of artist research and development projects, residencies, conversations, and partnerships with local organisations. 

During consultations and cost of living workshops in Blackpool, we witnessed the growth of food insecurity within our communities, which are already some of the most deprived areas in the country – the cost of living crisis has only heightened existing inequalities. 

Building on this knowledge and local conversation, we are now launching The People’s Pantry in both Mereside and Hawes Side. As the UK produces around 9.5 million tonnes of food waste per year – our aims are to highlight food waste, not replicate the ‘food want’ discourse of food bank models. 

As we explore the concept, we will work with different community groups to test the model, including, local allotments who have donated excess produce from their plots; ASDA who have donated dried goods; Volunteers from Bostonway Community Centre and Langdale’s Wash Your Words; Myerscough College who will share their knowledge on how to grow and eat seasonally; The University of Central Lancashireon the community garden; Myanmar weaving community who have made aprons for our pantry VIPeas.

The People's Pantry written on a beige tote bag hung up on a wooden hook on a wall.
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Bostonway and Mereside

In 2023, we decided in partnership with our communities, that we wanted to test a different way of doing things and The People’s Pantry represents an experimentation of this. The two sites in Bostonway and Mereide are visually and logistically different.

One is a purpose built, artist led community pantry space (designed and built by artist Emma Denby) with an adjoining garden currently in development. The other, a small store cupboard in a community laundry and library space. 

In areas where food banks are a common part of daily life and many neighborhoods are food deserts, we want to have a different conversation. What do people need to reclaim healthy food culture for their households?