Left Behind 2018

In November 2017 the Financial Times published the article ‘Left Behind: Can anyone save the towns the economy forgot’ Centered on Blackpool as the cheapest place in the UK to rent, the article provoked a strong local response. We felt as an arts organisation in the town already working in partnership with residents, artists and agencies, we were in a unique position to facilitate a response to the article. Our aim for the programme is not necessarily to de-bunk the statements made in the Financial Times article, but to provide a nuanced and thoughtful counter position that perhaps speaks to both the difficult subjects and the positive work going on here and some of the joyful and creative elements of this place.



Throughout the year LeftCoast present a selection of special events, festivals and performances across Blackpool and Wyre. Designed to make eyes-pop and jaws-drop – these are the things you’ll remember forever.

Miss Inform


Our programmes of community engagement deliver intimate experiences that bring art direct to your doorstep. Often focusing on place-making and small scale creative activities they are the perfect way to dip you toe in the artistic waters of the LeftCoast.

A B&B Blackpool


Developing new places to discover art across Blackpool and Wyre.