Wave-Field by Lateral Office and CS Design, music by Mitchell Akiyama

23 – 26 October 2019

6.00pm -10.30pm

St John’s Square

Wave-Field is a series of eight giant see saws that light up and make music as you bounce. This magical piece has been brought from Canada by LeftCoast and Lightpool to bring a playground to St John’s Square as part of this year’s festival.

Become immersed in the unique soundscape as the see saws move with their riders – each one with its own temperament and creating its own melody. Wave-Field is an ever-changing urban instrument – powered by you.

Whether you join in or watch – you will be immersed in an organic symphony as the see saws light up and come to life.

Wave-Field is proud to be part of Blackpool’s award-winning Lightpool Festival returning this October half-term with two weeks of extraordinary free entertainment.

The festival takes place between October 11 and 26 and provides an amazing mix of live performance and light-based art installations. 

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