Thank YOU: LeftCoast looks back over the past two years

We would like to say a huge thank you to everyone who has supported us over the past two years.

As LeftCoast moves into its fourth phase, which will mark our 10th anniversary, we dared to take a look back over one of the most difficult periods the arts sector has faced in recent times.

Despite numerous lockdowns and government restrictions, it is clear that you have still valued what we have done, taken part in our events (even if they were online!) and had our back every step of the way.

Since January 2020, we have managed to employ 56 artists over 36 LeftCoast projects.

From doorstep dances during our Get Dancing campaign, to creating and delivering our very own newspaper The Upside – many of you got involved and helped us achieve our goals throughout some of the strangest of times.

And when we say many of you, 3,998 participants took part in our projects, which included:

Inside Out

An exhibition that brought together the often unseen and under represented creative talents and skills of the people of Fleetwood and surrounding areas.

In Memoriam 

A flag installation made from 120 hospital bedsheets that acted as a temporary memorial for the public to visit and contemplate losses, gains and intentions influenced by the last year.

A mannequin in a headdress with paintings on an orange wall behind it
Inside Out exhibition (Picture Claire Griffiths)
White and Blue flags in Fleetwood against a blue sky
In Memoriam flags (Picture: Claire Griffiths)

Get Dancing

An antidote to the pandemic, together with Showtown and House of Wingz, we created the brand new social dance, The Blackpool Way.

Small Radical Acts 

10 artists, with an interest in working with people, explored the hypothesis that small acts of change or resistance can be just as radical as large acts.

Artist Residencies

Artists continued to live in different areas across Blackpool and Wyre and explored with the local residents how art can be used as a tool for discussion, observation, and activism.

ITV Ident

LeftCoast Makers travelled down to London with the LeftCoast team and filmed the ITV ident – a concept that visualised how people along the Fylde Coast might find better ways in society to live together.

Left Coast Film 

Artist in residence Carol Salter observed how food banks are the over-looked, underfunded, 5th emergency service, not only in the North West but all over the country. Left Coast is a study of the volunteers who hand out kindness and food to those who are in need of it.

These projects, along with many others, attracted an audience of 506,708 (both digital and in person)!

It just shows there has always been and always will be a hunger for the arts. So from the bottom of our hearts – thank you!

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