Take The Floor

The week after the BBC?s Strictly heat is broadcast to 10.5?million people from Blackpool Tower Ballroom, the world?famous dance floor returns to the relaxed refinement of the?afternoon tea dance as it has for the last 120 years ?but not?this year. This year LeftCoast is inviting you to perform.

Take the Floor gives everyone their moment in the spotlight as?LeftCoast offers 5 minute slots in a continuous dance?performance that might last anything from 24hrs to 3 days.

The open application system gives the opportunity for?individuals or groups to apply to perform in any dance style?with the highest quality production values and staging ? it?s?dance democracy! An endurance test for audiences rather than?dancers as the performances segues from spinning B-boys to?professional ballroom via pogoing to the pistols or pirouetting?from a prima ballerina.

Peppered throughout will be longer performances and special?guest appearances by professional dance companies inviting?the audience to dance along with them.

Did we mention Morning Disco? Take the Floor also introduces?the concept of morning disco with breakfast cocktails for?people on their way to work to supercharge their day with?Donna Summer.

For more information or to register your interest in?performing at Take the Floor?emailinfo@leftcoast.org.uk