Both the LeftCoast Board and the LeftCoast team are genuinely saddened by the messages and comments on Twitter and Facebook over the weekend about Painting the Town. There are two sides to every story. Some of the things that have been said about the organisation in the last few days are legitimately unfair and untrue. It has been interesting to observe how willing people are to pre-judge us and assume our lack of propriety. However, social media is not the best platform to attempt reconciliation. Therefore, we would like to invite Laura into mediation with us to find a skilled and impartial way to take things forward.

Laura Shevaun Green was contracted and commissioned by LeftCoast to make a bespoke palette of 10 colours for an agreed fee with additional monies spent on creative production and artistic mentoring support. All LeftCoast commissions seek to create legacy for both the artist(s) and the organisation. Laura was commissioned for our ‘Left Behind’ programme alongside four other artists who have had no issue with us using/promoting the ?Left Behind? work in other contexts for organisational purposes.

For the record, LeftCoast included Laura in two initial meetings with the Pleasure Beach, she has visited the paint factory with us and we have included her in critical rebranding discussions at the point of trademarking ‘Painting the Town’. These meetings are documented along with her wish, at that juncture, to be distanced from the commercial offer.

Since then LeftCoast have invited Laura, more than once, to sit and discuss the Painting the Town project whilst it was in progress, we have offered to show her the plans and the designs but this opportunity has never been taken. Again, these invitations are documented.

We have rightfully credited Laura with the original art commission on the things within our control and LeftCoast speaks very highly of the work she has created as ‘Paint the Town’ is a beautiful fine art commission that is separate to the commercial offer. The changes made to the original work by us create a very necessary distinction between the art work and the commercial product and therefore help to maintain the integrity of the original commission. The commercial offer is not funded by Arts Council therefore this issue is not their concern. Any rebate that is generated will be reinvested into arts projects in the town.

To iterate, we would very much like to find a solution to this disagreement with Laura and we hope she will take us up on our offer of a neutral, third party helping us to resolve this issue.