Small Radical Acts

In response to the current physical, political, and economic climate that we find ourselves in we have commissioned a group of 10 artists with an interest in working with people to explore the hypothesis that small acts of change or resistance can be radical as large acts. 

 We have carefully selected five locally based and five nationally based artists to work together to form a response that we hope will inform the direction of how we work within our local neighbourhoods. 

We know from our long term Real Estate residences that small hyper local acts are often most impactful. The premise is that as artists we are naturally making small changes, particularly in the current situation, in our daily lives, whether that be planting, making, teaching or walking, never has our practice been closer to our daily lives. The group will be formulating a response which we will share at the end of the programme. 

 The artists taking part are: 

 Luke Beech  

Brendan Bunting 

Buzz Bury 

Rebecca Davies 

Amy Pennington 

Christopher Samuels  

Adam Simpson 

Janine Walker

 Claire Walmsley Griffiths 

Kaspar Wimperley and Susanne Kudielka  

Produced by:  

Debbie Chan