Fylde Coast Scrub Hub - Gillian Wood

A local NHS worker in full PPE wearing scrubs made by the Scrub Hub

In Feb 2020, our new artist in residence for Fleetwood, Gillian Wood, moved in for her year stay with us. A month after her move to Fleetwood we went into a national lockdown due to the national pandemic Covid 19. 

She found her usual ways to get to know her neighbours and the area seriously curtailed when she couldn’t go out and meet people. Gillian’s practise includes both film and film based textiles. Through her costumier network she heard of colleagues setting up scrub hubs to make essential items for the frontline workers and after realising there wasn’t one operating in Wyre she decided to set up her own. 

Gillian made a film with those that were involved in making for the scrub hub to express how people experienced this period of time. 

Click HERE to view the full film.

Image: UK Productions Ltd.

As well as giving Gillian a way of talking to people and putting her skills to good use the scrub hub gave those involved a purpose and activity to get lost in when many things seemed out of their control. As well as the opportunity to do something useful it had the knock on effect of reminding people of the joy of making something with their hands.  

Alongside Gillian we also commissioned artist Tina Dempsey to work with those involved in all aspects of the scrub hub from sewers to medical front line workers. Tina wanted to create a work that would share some of the stories, ideas and wisdom from those involved across the spectrum and who will probably never meet in person. Her book Handle With Care was created in a limited edition to share between this group of people.