We are looking for artists for four micro residencies from Jan 2019 ? Jun 2019

The micro-residency opportunities run alongside two, one year long live/work residencies taking place as part of our Real Estate programme in Blackpool and Fleetwood. The micro residencies are an experimental place to test and explore ideas that fit into our overall programme approach.

Practice and ideas do not need to work directly with the permanent residency artist but we would like to encourage dialogue and exploration. As the micro residencies are short bursts of activity they can be used as a place to create a range of work from quick tests of ideas to reflective research of a place.

The permanent residency artists are geographically working in isolation and we see the micro residencies as a place to bring together creative ideas and conversations. The micro-residencies will be staying in the third room of the permanent resident artist houses.

A full brief can be found here:

Artist Brief Micro Residency Oct 18

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