Interview with Ocean Farini (2019 Artist in Residence – Flakefleet, Fleetwood)

What inspires you?

Stuff that’s got guts- anything that feels original and genuine to the people or places it comes from.

How has your residency developed and has it been as you imagined?

The residency up here developed kind of slowly and quietly and is now kind of loud and crashing about, in a really good way. It’s been much more open than I could’ve imagined it being, which is really exciting cos it’s opened up this space to try lots of new approaches, materials and really look at space/place/collective identity differently.

Chocolate or Cheese?

Deffo Cheese.

What has been your most memorable experience whilst on your residency?

There are a few, mostly kind of small moments or conversations with people that I’ll really remember. One of the most fun things has been having this kind of studio/living room, almost public space, in my house where we make stuff and stuff happens.

Roller skates or skateboards?


Describe your artistic practice in three words.

Community,  Identity, Laughing

Interview with Natalie Lee (2019 Artist in Residence – Haweside)

Tell me a bit about you?

I’m an artist and a researcher. I completed a PhD last year which looked at how the arts are being used in the context of social housing, regeneration, and urban development. I’m interested in representations of place and feelings of home – and how these things connect with our individual and collective identities. I work with people, stories, words, and conversations. I seem to be drawn to seaside towns.

How did your residency come about?

I saw the call for expressions of interest for the residency while I was finishing my PhD studies and then applied in early 2018. I thought it closely linked to my research and practice. I was also excited to live and work in Blackpool. I was born in Blackpool, but raised in Manchester. It only ever existed for me in other people’s memories.

Tell me what your favourite colour is?


Where have you found the most interesting stories?

In the quiet moments. In one to one conversations over a cup of tea.

What do you think of Blackpool and the people you have met?

It’s a really friendly town. Everyone I’ve met has been really kind and welcoming…and full of stories!

If you were stranded on a desert island who/ what would you take?


Describe your Blackpool experience in 3 words.

Quiet, friendly, unexpected.

Final thoughts?

“It doesn’t feel like you live in a tourist town, when you live in a tourist town”

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