Tilt To The Left (2019-2022)

Hawes Side Stories

Hawes Side Stories is a work that came out of Natalie Lee’s residency on Hawes Side in Blackpool. As Natalie explains:

“Hawes Side Stories began with an intervention into the Hawes Side surroundings through ‘lost letters’. It then developed into a weekly meeting & walking group where ‘story’ material was collected through audio recording and conversation. A final culmination was an ephemeral, performance-based live transcription of the stories in a disused space on Bostonway: The Visitors’ Room. The work has since been developed into a physical publication. 

Hawes Side Stories
Hawes Side Stories

The project draws on the concept of a ‘side story’; the lived, everyday experience that is often hidden from popular or political discourse surrounding housing, welfare, and economic policy-making. It aims to act as communication and connection between and amongst the people of Hawes Side, and also on a wider level in the distribution to Blackpool Coastal Housing staff and further, online dissemination.”

The Hawes Side publication was distributed to people living in Hawes Side, Blackpool Costal Housing staff, and a supply to be given to new tenants that move into Hawes Side.

You can see the full publication HERE

Or why not make a brew and listen to one of the stories HERE.