fleetwood isn’t really seen as a place that stuff starts

or happens

or moves along


but who said it couldn’t be?


who said we couldn’t do that

who said we couldn’t move stuff forward

start stuff

try stuff out

get it wrong

get it printed

say stuff through our clothes


the money in our pockets might have its limitations


we get it

i’d like that ‘off white’ belt for christmas, mum

but I know it aint happenin


so why not make our own thing?

that comes from here

is about here

celebrates and questions here

soaks up the outside view and throws it back at them


so that’s what this is

we’ve started a our own sorta label

made a load of photographs

and said a load of words about what it is to grow up

grow into

and live here


you wanna see or what?

the front door’s open mate