Tilt To The Left (2019-2022)




Our artists in residence take ownership of the Old Warden’s House on Bostonway, using the front room with the large windows to showcase work with their neighbours. There is an interest in the artist’s work, the residents ask who is coming next and what the next artist will be doing. The house as an asset, a tool to engage with the local residents who may not yet feel they want to actively take part, but do not want to be left out. 

A white woman in a white jacket and striped top uses an electric sander to sand a wooden fence
Three women and a man all wearing grey and blue clothing stood under a tree at Bostonway


Niki Colclough

During her residency, Niki studied the trees in Bostonway and joined locals in an urban forest bathing session. Residents were encouraged to engage with the nature on their doorsteps.

Denise, who lives in the area, said:

“This has changed my life.  I used to walk around stressed and I don’t do that any more – I look at the trees, I can’t wait to see what they do next!”

Another resident hadn’t planned to join the session, but gained interest when he saw what was happening – and he still talks about his experience today!  

He explained how working with Niki sparked distant memories of his family garden and what his old neighbours used to grow before he moved to Bostonway. 

He’s now looking forward to planting up the Old Warden’s House garden with flowers. 


Frances Disley

Fran held multiple workshops on Bostonway including a wreath making session at Christmastime. The residents who attended decorated their own wreaths and hung them on the front of their doors during the festive period.

Fran also collaborated on a piece of work with one of the residents, seeing the duo host their own drawing workshop at the end of 2021, where they practiced with techniques and ideas for interesting classes.

A half-finished wreath sat on a table
A photo of a small wooden sign stuck into the soil of a flower patch, it reads 'I'm in mourning for my old self, i had magnificent rose bushes'


Sarah Harris

In September 2020, Sarah Harris moved into Bostonway for a six month stay as artist in residence. The third artist to have undertaken the long term residency, Sarah had the unique situation of moving in mid global pandemic. 

Usual methods of face to face conversation and collaboration weren’t available at this time, so Sarah set to work building new methods for collaboration. 

She hosted weekly zoom art meet ups, turned the garden into a community space and initiated public sharing areas.  

She was both welcomed and challenged, encouraged and critiqued. In Sarah’s words she found sanctuary with people:

“The community provides shelter for one another, both physically and psychologically. By inviting neighbours round for a cuppa, making that morning ‘checking in’ phone call, we listen and give our time for each other. 

“We know we can knock on and ask a stronger hand to open a pill bottle and people mow the grass for the community, not just your own section.

“Residents have found a haven in the quiet of Bostonway and a peace within themselves. The shelter gained by living within the estate helps to bind the community. There is comfort in the mundane and a safety in the routine which provides a space to grow into a natural role for the neighbourhood…” 

To read more about the work Sarah undertook during her 6 month residency you can read the publication she co-created with her neighbours below.

Boston Ways Magazine