Playground of Wonders (2013-2016)

Rossal Beach


Rossall Beach Neighbourhood Commission

Neighbourhood commissions give communities the chance to work in partnership with LeftCoast to develop a project and work with an artist directly in their community spaces.

In 2015 the Rossall Beach Group worked in partnership with Leftcoast to explore how they could commission an artist to develop a creative response to their much loved local beach. In particular looking at the work they do on their monthly beach cleans and how people respond to the beach. The group developed an artist brief that was advertised nationally to see how artists might work with them.

Rossall Beach

Invisible Flock

In early 2016 the group invited artist collective Invisible Flock, described by the Guardian as ‘real innovators’ of digital and interactive art, to work with them to deliver their vision and respond to the statistic that ‘By 2050 there will be more plastic in the sea than fish.’

The result was Discarded Things, a new art work for Rossall Beach.

Inspired by the work of the Rossall beach cleaning group, the artists decided to see how they could directly respond to the plastic that is washed up on our beaches.

The group, together with the artists asked the people of Cleveleys to donate their unwanted plastic bottles and send them a special message in a bottle.

Using brand new technology the artists built a machine to grind up the donated and found plastic, turned this into printing filament and used a 3D printer to create a beautiful new object from these discarded objects.

Invisible Flock took inspiration from their time as Artist in Residence at Rossall Beach and after observing the uses and changes of the beach, the project has now culminated in the creation of two beautiful birds which have been 3D printed and inscribed with messages from the community.