One Inch To The Left (2016-2019)

Room 13:Unlucky for some


Room 13

Artists Kaspar Wimperley and Susanne Kudielka have been commissioned to undertake a residency during the development phases of the the Art B&B. Over the past year they have visited Blackpool for short residencies at different times throughout the resorts tourist seasons to understand what it is like to both live and visit the town. This is what they say about their visits so far,

“Being at the right place at the right time, or the wrong place at the wrong time. The luck of the draw.

During an initial period of research in Blackpool we explored notions, perceptions and manifestations of work, in a place that is synonymous with leisure, pleasure and entertainment. Walking through gambling halls and past fortunetellers, and homeless people waiting outside, we started to consider the role of luck in dictating ones occupation and social standing. It seems that many people come to Blackpool try their luck, be it on the slot machines, or to start a new life, attracted by affordable housing, the tourism industry or good company. When things go wrong, is it ‘tough luck’, or systematic failure, or a marriage of the two?”

Room 13
Room 13

Wallpaper making

In October 2018 the artists set up a temporary wallpaper making company ‘Unlucky for some’ in the centre of Blackpool,

Unlucky for some is a company producing limited edition feature wall wallpapers, for a room that doesn’t (yet) exist.

Each wallpaper plays with the iconography and duality of luck and misfortune in the local context. Wallpapers were created in a pop-up Unlucky for some factory in collaboration with local groups, including bingo players, metal detectors and horse owners.

During the manufacturing process we discussed the realities of luck and the winners and losers in Blackpool, while considering the function of a hypothetical Room 13. If there was a Room 13, for what/whom should it be used?

The wallpapers we produced will be offered to ArtB&B and other local B&Bs in Blackpool, to be used exclusively for a Room 13, providing they agree to the terms and conditions that are formulated during the manufacturing process.

(images cjgriffithsphotography)