One Inch To The Left (2016-2019)

Pearls of Wisdom

Left Behind

Pearls of Wisdom

Pearls of Wisdom was a commission by artist duo Grennan and Sperandio. The work was designed to challenge the preconception that people who live in areas of high deprivation live without wisdom when actually the contrary is true. It takes great skill to live a joyful life with little materials means, and this is something that the communities of Blackpool excel in.

“The FT article uses national deprivation indices as the basis for its description of Blackpool as importing the “unskilled, unemployable and the unwell.” These indices cannot describe the struggles, transformation and triumphs of local people living their daily lives and continually forging new communities. Perhaps more insidiously, deprivation statistics imply that Blackpool people do not have the wisdom or initiative to create their town, despite the fact that this is visibly untrue. We worked with Blackpool people to collect and publicly present the true wisdom of Blackpool – the personal insights into living that underpin Blackpool society. With each wise story teller, we developed and produced ‘pearls of wisdom’ as colour comic strips that were published in Blackpool Gazette.”

Simon Grennan (artist), UK

The work was published in the Blackpool Gazette throughout Nov, Dec 2018 and Jan 2019.

Left Behind - Pearls of Wisdom