One Inch To The Left (2016-2019)

Paint The Town

Left Behind

Paint The Town

Locally based artist Laura Shevaun Green proposed creating a paint palette that represented the place and people that she knew so well. She didn’t recognise the Blackpool described in the FT article; it was not her experience of the place she called home. As she said,

“The story of Blackpool that is told nationally seems to be told by people who haven’t lived it, just visited it and I was a bit fed up with that. I wanted to tell our story.”

Laura worked with communities, friends and family to source stories of place from which she could capture a colour. The resulting colour palette of ten colours and stories framed a different narrative of Blackpool informed by all those that she had spoken to.

“Peering down at her feet she sees the waves crashing through the gaps in the wooden boards. The voices of her sisters blow past her on the light breeze. They’re somewhere behind her and out of sight. Her mother’s hand holds tightly to her own, fingers sticky and pink from the remains of a sugary treat. Together they stroll down the walkway, past the deck chairs and stalls, to the very,very end. It stretches out in front of them, the deep blue waters and the feeling of freedom, on this, the first day of summer.”

Paint the Town has been developed into the commercial project Painting the Town, in partnership with Johnstone’s paint, more information on this can be found on the Painting the Town website HERE.

Paint The Town