Current Projects

In your neighborhood - Welcome Collective

The Welcome Collective

Staying in is the new going out!

Calling all Flakefleet and Hawes Side residents… Ever feel like you’re too strapped for a get together with friends? Too old for a new adventure? Or too tired to try something different?

What if you could share your skills or try something new from the comfort of your own couch and you wouldn’t have to pay a penny?

In your neighborhood - Real Estate

Real Estate

From July 2018 to July 2019 we have two year long live/work residencies taking place in Blackpool and Wyre.

Archived Projects

In your neighborhood - Room 13

ROOM 13: Unlucky for some

Unlucky for some is a company producing limited edition feature wall wallpapers, for a room that doesn’t (yet) exist created as part of a residency during the development of Art B&B.

In your neighborhood - Before I Die


Before I Die is a global community art project that invites people to reflect on their lives and share their personal aspirations in public.

Mereside at Play

Mereside at Play was a Left Coast project that was been designed to investigate the opportunities for creative play on the estate for early years children. Led by the residents of Mereside in partnership with Better Start the project took place over 12 months, exploring all the green spaces.

Fable of Mereside

The Fable of Mereside

Throughout 2017 we worked with story teller Ian Douglas, artist Jo Mayland and illustrator Sophia Maria to produce The Fable of Mereside for every child on the Mereside estate.

We are all Human

In 2018 we worked in partnership with Lancashire Constabulary, the Police and Crime Commissioner’s Office, Mereside MAFIA and developers to create a piece of work for the new west division police headquarters which has been built next to the Mereside estate.

The Making Station

The Making Station

Popping up around the Flakefleet estate through November, the Making Station is an invitation to residents to come and try their hand at some of the oldest crafts around.

On Your corner

Over the autumn on 2017 we are running hands on making sessions on Haweside in Blackpool. A partnership with Blackpool Costal Housing this is a programme designed to meet people in the area.


Over 2016 and 2017 we worked with the residents and business owners of King Edward Ave in North Shore to support them realise an artistic commission about the stories and heritage of their street.

LeftCoast In Your Neighbourhood

South Beach Commission

In 2016 we worked with the South Beach Beacons community group to help them realise their ambition to work with an artist to develop work that celebrated the character of their area.


During the 2016 summer holidays, Left Coast commissioned international recording artist Danny Fahey to host a series of workshops based in a shipping container at Crossland Rd Park Blackpool.

LeftCoast - In Your Neighbourhood


Unlucky for some is a company producing limited edition feature wall wallpapers, for a room that doesn’t (yet) exist created as part of a residency during the development of Art B&B.

LeftCoast - In Your Neighbourhood


Throughout 2014 and 2015 the iconic Mount Pavilion played?host to an amazing array of artist residencies?and family workshops. From artists using the space to develop work for Fleetwood?s Spareparts Festival to family workshops in the school holidays, the much loved space provided inspiration.


Back in 2014 LeftCoast invited Blackpool and Wyre?s dog lovers to be part of a world first at Blackpool Illuminations.


Back in 2014 Squash Nutrition delivered Homestead on the Grange, a programme of activity throughout the summer on Grange Park. Inspired by urban farms?and sustainable living, Squash worked with the residents of Grange Park to create a pop up food shop and kitchen.

Crocus Field - Image courtesy of CJGriffiths Photography


In 2014 Mereside residents with the help of LeftCoast, artist Rebecca Chesney and local businesses came together to plant 100,000 crocus bulbs at Little Marton Windmill.