New Queers on the Block at Art B&B

New Queers on The Block is back in Blackpool!

Friday 8 November, 9.00pm


Following on from a hugely successful visit last year, New Queers on the Block are partnering with LeftCoast and the brand-new venue in town – Art B&B – to present both local and internationally successful LGBTQ+ artists.

Come and see our first event hosted at Art B&B – Blackpool’s new boutique hotel for art lovers. In celebration all tickets for this show will receive a free welcome drink!

We have the amazing artist Lucy Hutson performing in Blackpool for the first time, with critically acclaimed hit Bi-Curious George And Other Side-kicks and she is not alone! A brilliant, hilarious and touching show exploring the relationship between Lucy and her Dad, an extraordinary Punch & Judy artist himself. Expect plenty of laughs and teenage exasperation as glib entertainer and earnest artist lock heads, reenacting childhood magic tricks and reflecting on what it means to choose the life of an artist.

New Queers on the Block is a Touring and Artist Development initiative lead by the Marlborough Theatre & Pub (Brighton). This event is commissioned and produced in collaboration with LeftCoast, with additional funding by Arts Council England, Jerwood Arts, Esmeé Fairban and The Space.

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