Morag Myerscough

Morag Myerscough

These People Are Our Kinship pavilion

Discussions of community and kinship were on the lips of Blackpool residents during the summer of 2023, as a jubilant, 4.5 metre tall artwork popped up in unlikely places across the town.

International artist Morag Myerscough brought her bold and colourful artistic approach into community settings, with a touring pavilion, which she created with over 100 residents.

The exuberant installation, titled These People Are Our Kinship (a direct quote from a Blackpool resident), radiated euphoria with its florescent lettering and striking design, as it appeared next to The Hub at South Shore, Claremont Park Community Centre, and Revolution Community Hub – all of which stood as proud backdrops to the work.

So much went into the production of the artwork, from 29 different coloured paints, to 1.2miles of frog tape, and an incredible 332 hours from LeftCoast volunteers.

Throughout the tour, over 1,800 people came to see the pavilion, with over 29,700 people engaging with the project online. It has been a brilliant commission and collaboration with the people of Blackpool, artist Morag Myerscough, associate artist Sarah Harris, and local poet Nathan Parker.

Morag Myerscough who has a blonde bob and black rimmed glasses, stood in front of her brightly designed pavilion titled These People Are Our Kinship

Morag Myerscough

Gifting back

As part of the commission, LeftCoast will divide the pavilion into 100 squares, which will be gifted back to those who helped create the artwork. 

From painting, to designing, and stewarding the spectacle, everyone who volunteered their time will be able to go home with a piece of These People Are Our Kinship. 

LeftCoast will also gift back parts of the pavilion to the community groups who housed the artwork over its tour. A date will be arranged in December for people to come and collect their piece of the installation from Blackpool School of Arts.

It will be an evening to celebrate These People Are Our Kinship, all of the hard work that went into the artwork, and a way for LeftCoast to thank their volunteers.

Soon, Morag’s work will take over the town, injecting colour and comment into different community settings.

Find out more about the project and the people involved.

A brightly coloured pavilion, designed by Morag Myerscough, sat in the middle of a park with blue sky as its back drop
Nathan Parker - white man with short brown hair talks to elderly woman in a pink cardigan


Nathan Parker Poem

My lifeline; my support.
A warm hug, for my anxious thoughts.
When we lose family we discover friends.
Here there is a love, a love that never ends.
I feel independent; I have fun.
Its kept me young, the socialising is never done.
I feel lighter, from life’s worry.
A word of advice or a hilarious story.
Everybody has time for me;
Never in too much of a hurry.
I am empowered; I’ve bounced back.
The Hub showed me my strengths,
As well as friendship – which I no longer lack.
I have purpose, no longer isolated,
Age, gender and ability no matter,
This community is integrated.
The smell of roses; the sound of laughter,
The feeling of connection; of something after.
It helps my mental health; I feel more like myself,
Pursuing my interests and keeping in touch.
It’s the family I never knew I needed,
I’m grateful to them so much.
My life saver; my support,
The creator of positive thoughts.