Liz Postlethwaite to take up residency at The Mount Pavilion

We are very pleased to announce the second artist in residence for the Mount Pavilion to be theatre maker Liz Postlethwaite. Liz is based in Manchester and alongside her work as an artist is also a founder and Creative Director of Small Things Creative Projects. Creative engagement with local communities is at the heart of her work.

Liz will be based at the Mount two days a week starting from Friday 6 March to Saturday 17 April – mainly Fridays and Saturdays. During her time there Liz will be delighted to meet and talk to local residents and visitors and to hear stories about the town.? Please check our facebook page for the exact dates or for opportunities to get involved.

Through this residency Liz is interested exploring what makes the heart of Fleetwood beat in 2015. When the town of Fleetwood was built in the 1800s the pagoda on the Mount was the architectural heart of the town. Constructed at the top of the highest dune, the town was created so that all the main streets radiated from that central point. Through discovering the town on foot and hearing local stories Liz would like to make the Mount Pavilion into an interactive space where stories can be shared, discoveries can be made and place can be celebrated.

During every day of the residency Liz will be around from 10am until 5pm. As part of this she would like to invite you to join her on walks of the local area, and to drop in to the pavilion to share your stories and see the work that she is doing.

Each day of the residency you are invited to drop in from 11am until 12pm. Or to join Liz for a walk from 2pm until 3pm. And anytime you see the yellow flag flying that means someone is around if you want to pop up and say hello and see what is going on.

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