Man stood by water jet cutter at UCLan

LeftCoast’s UCLan Go See through the eyes of an 8-year-old

Last week we took our community friends to the Architectural Design Studios at The University of Central Lancashire, in Preston.

The group got to draw their own designs on off cuts used to build Langdale’s Library & Laundry Room, Wash Your Words.

These designs were then cut out on the University’s water jet cutter, all ready to take home for Christmas.

On the trip was 8-year-old Tobin, who captured the day on his digital camera. Take a look at his report below and hear about our Go See through the eyes of an 8-year-old…. 

Today I went to Preston and I saw a university where they did water jet cutting. The water jet cutter almost cut anything, but today it cut wood.

At one point, I got to control it with a computer. It was fun to control, but only when it did the right thing.

At the university they didn’t just have the water jet cutter they had lots more cutters as well.

Before lunch I went round architecture studios where I saw lots of models of buildings. I liked the models a lot because they looked so real. 

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