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LeftCoast wins Arts Council England and Digital Culture Network Award

LeftCoast is thrilled to announce that it has been recognised in the 2023 Digital Culture Awards, presented by Arts Council England’s Digital Culture Network. 

The Tech Champions’ Choice category recognises outstanding commitment to digital skills development or implementation of digital technology to drive change within an organisation or by an individual. All entrants were nominated by the Digital Culture Network following one or more support cases with a Tech Champion.

LeftCoast were nominated for this award for their agile approach to utilising digital technology to share their mission. 18 months ago, LeftCoast invested in their digital development by creating a new digital and data focused role, who has led an overhaul of their social media output, executed the launch of a new brand, and launched a new website to showcase their projects and build their legacy online.

LeftCoast’s small team is impressively agile, unified in their decision-making, and showed great commitment to embracing digital technology for innovation well before their interactions with the Digital Culture Network. Their work over the past 18 months demonstrates the potential for audience reach, engagement and legacy building that comes with embedding digital technology into the heart of your activity or operations.

Dean Shaw, Digital Content Tech Champion, said: “Abigail and the LeftCoast team have an incredible determination and commitment to developing their digital skills. They saw the long-term benefit of investing in new skills, and by appointing someone to focus on their digital channels, they’ve been able to build upon their strong online presence and lay down foundations for a lasting digital legacy for their incredible creative projects.”

digital culture network awards

Tina Redford, LeftCoast’s Artistic Director, said: “While in the past 18 months we have been consciously developing the use of digital technologies to both facilitate and tell the story of our work, it was still a wonderful surprise to get this award. Our Digital Communications Coordinator, Abigail Gillibrand, has worked alongside the expertise available in the Digital Culture Network (DCN) to improve our social media content, redesign our website and elevate our communications strategy, including a rebrand of the company. 

“We are very grateful for the generous sharing of time and knowledge from the guys at DCN and Abi has also done a terrific job of implementing her learning. I am glad her efforts are being celebrated in this way.”

The Digital Culture Awards recognise the best in digital transformation, digital engagement, and use of technology in creativity and culture. They received over 200 entries this year, from 166 organisations and individuals, coming from all corners of the country. Each entry highlighted the creativity, resilience and digital innovation which is embedded across the creative and cultural sector. The Winners – seven chosen by our expert Judges and two by public vote – are all setting benchmarks in how organisations and individuals can utilise the power of digital technology to transform, engage and grow.

Sadie Abson, Senior Manager, Digital Culture Network, said: “This year’s Digital Culture Award winners show what can be achieved by creative and cultural organisations who harness the power of digital technology, particularly when it comes to making and distributing work for diverse and representative audiences. The high number of quality entries proved a challenge of the best possible kind for our Judges, and we’re thrilled to be able to share these stories of innovation and creativity as inspiration for the whole sector.”

To see the full list of winners and find out more, head to the Digital Culture Network website.

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