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LeftCoast team looks back on their favourite moments of 2022

The LeftCoast team looks back over some of their favourite moments of 2022…

Tina Redford – LeftCoast’s Artistic Director:

I never seem to tire of watching people’s reactions to the SOS vehicle. Having it lead the Spareparts parade in July was a genuine delight and I am grateful to our volunteer drivers Tony and Martyn who help us, and our partners, to make best use of this wonderful asset throughout the year.

“I am looking forward to hosting more supper clubs in 2023. These evenings have been a great
way to reach new people in both familiar and unfamiliar neighbourhoods. Throughout this year, we have chatted and crafted and potted and illustrated and made soup to disco music, giving me more than one moment with residents to remember.”

Red van driving in parade in Fleetwood
Photo: Garry Cook

Helen Jones – LeftCoast’s Operations Manager:

“This year it has been a delight to meet lots of new Blackpool Residents and get to know them better over a series of Supper Clubs and go see’s or community create projects be that painting garden fences together or building a library and wash room together.  It is lovely to walk into an area and be able to say hello to residents who now know who we are and to be greeted with a smile.  It is great that people are wanting to know ‘what’s next’ and are confident enough to ask and work with us on that. 

“A highlight for me was seeing  a couple of residents get excited over the number of ideas they had to take back to their community after coming with us to see a couple of community garden projects, they shone with excitement. Really looking forward to more co-creation in the next year, putting the ideas and themes that have come out of our year of conversations into delivery.”

Lady and Man painting a garden fence
Photo: Claire Griffiths

Laura Jamieson – LeftCoast’s Creative Producer:

“My favourite moment was seeing everyone involved in Wash Your Words at Mereside see the building finished at our grand opening.

“The idea of it being seen through from concept to completion, where people could see what they had designed on paper and in models (on cold autumn and winter evenings by the light of a battery operated site light!), come to life, walk through it, and feel the welcome of the space they had imagined.”

Natasha – LeftCoast’s Administrator:

“The Wash Your Words opening was one of my favourite moments too. I saw the building as it was being renovated, and it was nice that everyone came together to make something great for the community.”

Crowd of people clapping in a library
Photo: Claire Griffiths

Abigail Gillibrand – LeftCoast’s Digital Communications & Data Coordinator:

“It’s the small moments, the in-betweens, which I have cherished this year. Helping artists set up for their workshops; walking the streets of Fleetwood with a brass band before their SpareParts performance (and getting lost!); secretly weaving our way through crowds ahead of a flash mob; and conversations under the stars at Lightpool.

But, one micro, everyday moment that stands out for me is our breaks during the Wash Your Words community build. After a morning of graft, we’d all put down our tools and come together for lunch. We’d sit outside in the sun, chat about the day, check in on each other, and put the world to rights.

For me, it’s the tiny, unseen moments of joy that make up the masterpiece.”

Catherine Peters – LeftCoast’s Neighbourhood Producer:

“I’ve just loved being part of a team, meeting other organisations, and having the space to plan a long term project.”

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