LeftCoast Express

LeftCoast Express is a self-directed learning programme for?established artists and small organisations across Blackpool?and Wyre, to encourage personal development of their art form?through experiencing new work or meeting different?practitioners from other parts of the country.

The programme invites applications to develop a learning?journey that includes ?go-sees?, mentoring opportunities,?secondments and short training courses or seminars. We offer?financial support including travel and accommodation costs?and ask participants to feedback their learning via their?Facebook page or at our monthly Golden Section creative?conversation programme.

LeftCoast Express is fundamental in broadening the horizons of?creative practitioners who often need to be exposed to new and?challenging work and experience different contexts to develop?and inspire new work.

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9am on Tuesday 26 August 2014.

More information:
Contact Kerenza McClarnan, Creative Engagement Manager atkerenza.mcclarnan@leftcoast.org.uk