Belonging -15 April 2020

We want to use art to aspire groups and individuals to make change and develop an artistic social model that puts people at its core. Help us to help you make the changes you want in your life and the wider society. Please join in our conversation by answering the second of our weekly questions:

Responses to our last question, highlighted the importance of creating shared experiences and developing a sense of belonging.

Social belonging is high up on Maslow’s Hierarchy of Needs, following physiological and safety needs.  Creating a strong bond with others can enable us to endure a lack of these basic needs. For example, people suffering hardship, lacking safety or immediate access to food often manage to keep going through the strength of their relationships with others.

Has this need for unity, connection and acceptance been highlighted because it’s suddenly missing from our lives, or because we’re starting to notice what we have been missing?

You could argue that the traditional definition of community is open for re-examination. In today’s world, we connect in different ways. The world crisis that we’re experiencing today has developed an alignment of purpose for many, resulting in the formation of new dynamic communities.

Looking to the future, how can we help to develop more inclusive and relevant communities, which better reflect the world we’re living in today?

Tell us about the on & offline communities that you’re a part of. How you began to identify with them and talk about any actions you’ve undertaken to galvanise and strengthen groups, or have you identified or overcome any threats to your community’s survival?

If you don’t feel that you’re part of a community, tell us how you would like to contribute and what’s missing for you out there.

We are NOT trying to find the ‘bright side’ of this crisis, there is no clear way to make sense of a global pandemic. But we want to help to make sure that should this happen again, the people and communities that have suffered the most are more resilient to its effects.

We deliver work along the Fylde Coast, but are interested in hearing from people living in different areas too. Join the debate –@LeftCoastUK #LeftCoastDebates

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