Disruptive Innovation -8 April 2020

LeftCoast - Pier Change

We want to use art to aspire groups and individuals to make change and develop an artistic social model that puts people at its core. Help us to help you make the changes you want in your life and the wider society. Please join in our conversation by answering the first of our weekly questions:

People are beginning to think about life choices and recalculating worth within society. What do we need in place to ensure that we can continue to hold true to our values once this is over?

Some of us are slowly starting to come to terms with our new reality in the face of Covid-19 crisis. While experts tell us this way of living is temporary, the economic and social reorganisation taken in response should represent an important opportunity to rethink various aspects of our daily life and of the values that drive our individual and collective aspirations.

There’s a strong argument to say that we’ve been living in a consumerist society which has gardened our dreams and influenced our values, but what’s the effect?

An accelerated increase in inequality.

A loss of connection.

An imbalanced life.

We’re already beginning to see the benefits of living in a world where mass travel is restricted, with wildlife returning to Venice and clear skies in China as the lockdown reduces air pollution. We are beginning to reconnect to our homes, ourselves and our families (sometimes with the support of technology). There are many possibilities for change.

Whilst we are living within this dystopia, it’s easy to imagine how we will live once we come out of the other side. How we will change our ways, revaluate our values systems and calculate worth.

The virus is a great leveller which demands solidarity. But when it’s gone, will we go back to our old ways? I for one don’t want to.

We are NOT trying to find the ‘bright side’ of this crisis, there is no clear way to make sense of a global pandemic. But we want to help to make sure that should this happen again, the people and communities that have suffered the most are more resilient to its effects.

We deliver work along the Fylde Coast, but are interested in hearing from people living in different areas too. Join the debate –@LeftCoastUK #LeftCoastDebates

Disruptive Innovation - Responses

I feel like a big pause button has been pressed prompting people to reflect on what is truly important in society. We know what holds the most value ultimately, I worry that things won’t change & personally, I wonder if I have the courage of my convictions 2 change my life.

Hoping people will realise that collective and individual happiness should become the focus rather than the monetary reward-based system we currently have. Artistic and care-based activity should be a focus for everybody’s health and wellbeing.


Group activities and belonging can bring so much and cost so little, but have a massive positive effect on society in general instead of all the conspicuous consumption

Post-Covid19, if we go back to capitalist realism we get deep recession, high inflation & another austerity pandemic. How about “creating a world where our shared resources do more for more people”. Some light in this article.

bit.ly/34mOwgX #LeftCoastDebates #newvalues

I think we need to kindle the new fire of community. (Boris says it exists after all!) People find it hard to make responsible quarantine decisions because the risk to them as an individual is small, but risk to others is high. We are all re-exploring that collective sense of self.

It’s such a shame that it’s taken a world crisis to reflect on our lives. Personally, I want to make sure that I do not take the simple things for granted anymore like seeing family, walking, going to the beach without the restrictions. I have faith that the world will be better


We need this to come from the top, in government, workplaces & schools adapt to how we have all been affected by this. Therefore, needing to let people work differently and learn differently. I need to never forget what I’ve thought about my life during this time and move on.

I am hoping people will realise how Important shared experience is as human contact is limited. Spreading more kindness which seems to be mentioned a lot on social media and how Important creativity is at this time for shared experience in the digital realm.

I guess it could be, but I suppose you can only go so far at a local level. Got to start somewhere though!


I guess when there is nothing left to lose. Perhaps people are showing themselves more now because of that and older gens learning more about digital skills to stay in touch. #throwingcautiontothewind #ThinkingAloud #lockdown2020

Amsterdam look like they’ve got the right kind of idea. Will take much wider adoption though to move us in the right direction I suspect. #leftcoastdebates