?Left Behind ? Blackpool a drop out town??

LeftCoast are inviting the local creative community to attend ?Left Behind ? Blackpool a drop out town?? a provocative, creative conversation in direct response to the recent Financial Times article by Sarah O?Connor https://www.ft.com/content/b6dbf34e-c987-11e7-aa33-c63fdc9b8c6c

Date: 18th Jan

Time:? 6-9pm

Venue: TBC (Central Blackpool Venue)

Some of you have mentioned this article to us and your desire to explore it within your practice and there have been some very interesting discussions on Facebook and other social media.

So, we thought it would be useful to explore those reactions more and are hosting the conversation to pose questions such as?

?How can we as the creative community in Blackpool provide an active response to this article? Not simply to de bunk it, but to provide a nuanced and thoughtful counter position that perhaps speaks to the positive work going on here, some of the joyful and creative elements of this place??

?Can we creatively explore in more depth the lives of the people highlighted in the article, who have come to Blackpool as a place to find solace, comfort and a home, only to feel isolated, depressed and unable to cope??

?What is the role of art & artists, if any, in providing treatment for the ?shit life syndrome? so many people are suffering from here??

Our next phase of commissioning activity will be a reply to this article, we aim to commission locally based artists as well as artists from elsewhere to provide critical reactions, as part of a national conversation, to the themes and issues highlighted. This conversation is the beginning of that process. We will share with you the draft artist brief and host a facilitated conversation that helps us to progress our thinking and yours, towards developing high quality art that says something important about Blackpool, community and culture.

We hope you can join us? Light refreshments will be provided.

Please book? your place via this Eventbrite link?


and please share this opportunity with anyone from the creative community who would like to join the conversation.

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