‘Left Behind #2 – Creative Conversation’

After our inspiring and positive first Left Behind? conversation ? we?re inviting you to join us for a follow on discussion. Having delved deep into the issues and themes of the FT article we?d like to shift the focus now to your creative project ideas?

Date: 8th Feb

Time:? 5.45 (for a 6pm start) -9pm

Venue: TBC (Central Blackpool Venue)

So, we?re inviting

  1. Individual artists, creative practitioners, organisations and collaborative groups, who have formed an idea for a project response ? tentative, early stage or a bit more thought through. They can be any art form, maybe a film, a journalistic piece, residency based, longer term, immediate, political, social, engaged, physical, theatrical, digital?think possibility not constraint? be bold and be brave?or gentle and meaningful? any & all ideas are welcome.
  2. Anyone who is simply keen to be part of the conversation and is willing to offer supportive and constructive critical feedback to help shape and develop others ideas.

The rules of the discussion will be as follows?

  • Whoever brings an idea will fully own that idea, and be ultimately the one who makes decisions about how it will be taken forwards beyond this event
  • All critical feedback and collaborative thinking will be offered & received with an open spirit and positive sense of shared solution focused working

At this event we would also like to share with you the work of some artists that have inspired our thinking at LeftCoast & who have created work that imaginatively makes political points and responds to community issues.

This event will include lots of time to discuss & feedback on the ideas brought by the group, and by the end of the evening we hope to have gathered a sense of who wants to be part of our Left Behind? project commissioning group, as well as have a good sense of ideas that could go forward into the commissioning process, and those that can be taken forward by other means.

We hope you can join us in the continuation of this exciting process and that we can work together to make positive creative things happen, in this place that we all love so much!

If you would like to talk through your idea before the 8th please call the LeftCoast office on 01253 477973.

Please book your place at this event by clicking HERE.

FT article can be read here…



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