Larkholme Grasslands – Student Engagement Workshops Opportunity

Wyre Borough Council Arts Service are looking for a poetry/creative writing artist?and creative artist?to carry out?workshops with the students of Larkholme Primary.?

Their vision is to create a new ?mythic coast? narrative for Larkholme Grasslands. For more information on the Mythic Coast Artwork Trail please click HERE.

Artist Stephen Broadbent together with a local author or poet and the ranger service will undertake workshops with local students to create a poem or story which can then be translated into the environment of the park.?Text will then be carved inlayed or coated into seats, bridges, walls, wind shelters etc. The narrative will help tie the project into the Mythic Coast, allowing a new story to be heard for this unique place.

Stephen is intrigued by the simple notion that if you ?build a habitat they will come? – can this green space become a good home to a diverse and interdependent range of marine species? Can the complexity be created? Is it as simple as building houses or are we in fact more than simply our homes?

The challenge to the community is to think about how we can build and maintain a safe place not just for our homes but the wider maritime eco-system.

This new public space is going to be a valuable asset to the local community and it is key that the younger population can become engaged with both the importance of this space, as a recreation facility and also as a place of ecological significance.

It will take many years for Larkholme Grasslands to become the rich environment we all envisage, so during this time of growth it is important to start marking these important stages of environmental development and keep re-telling it?s ?story?.

This opportunity will entail working together with the students at Larkholme Primary School, Wyre Countryside Rangers and Arts team, other local artists, poets and film-makers. A diverse engagement process is to be developed to embed the narrative within the community through workshops held at the school.

It is hoped that the immediate workshops with the students can produce work that can be integrated into the fabric of the landscape – a narrative text can be carved or inlayed into seats, bridges & wind-shelters.?? The narrative will help tie the project into the Mythic Coast, allowing a new story to be heard for this unique place.

Students can also help to determine those special species which are to be depicted within the imagery on the large entrance ?grasses?, or carved into the various timber structures.

It?s important for the young people to have a sense of ownership of this new space and integrating their work within the hard landscaping can go a long way to start this process.

Possible First Year Events

Poetry / narrative sessions

Documenting the creation of the environment

Understanding the plant and wildlife through research, drawings, talks etc

Species count

Time Frame

Narrative – November 2017

Species for integrated artworks November 2017

1 day workshop at ?250 per artist
Materials will be provided

If you are interested in this?opportunity please submit a short proposal with examples of your illustrative?work or creative writing by Wednesday 20th September?2017 to

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