Introducing LeftCoast Studio….

LeftCoast Studio is our new artist development programme, which will create connections between local creative talent and LeftCoast?s commissioned arts organisations, production teams and all the creative professionals that will be delivering our major, ambitious projects over the coming years.

LeftCoast Studio will offer shadowing, mentoring and practical work experience opportunities across our entire programme, to make sure that up and coming locally based creative people are given the chance to learn and develop their skills alongside world renowned artists and creative practitioners. We want to open up the world of exciting opportunities working within the Creative Industries both in Blackpool, Wyre, the Fylde Coast and further afield.

We?re interested in hearing from creative students, recent graduates, people in the early stages of their creative careers, or anyone just thinking about developing a creative career who would be keen to take on work experience opportunities and voluntary activities. Also from developing artists & creative practitioners who are keen to expand their skills & knowledge to build their cv?s and portfolios within small scale paid opportunities.

Some examples of the types of opportunity we will create include:

  • Working alongside artists on commissioned projects
  • Working alongside producers, curators and project managers
  • Performance & Choreography
  • PR, Marketing & Social Media
  • Documentation, Photography & filmography
  • Front of House, hospitality and audience management
  • Volunteer Co-ordination
  • Technical production management, staging / rigging, lighting etc
  • Costume, Hair, Make Up ? design & make
  • Set design & build

We will have opportunities across 3 levels of experience:

  • Placements ? for people who want a first taste of working on a creative project, short term and focused placements, which will give you a practical insight into working in the creative sector.
  • Assistants ? for people who want to test out which areas of creative work they?d be good at, and really learn on the job the skills needed to make it in the creative world. A mixture of short and longer term placements, that give you specialist mentoring from industry experts and get you directly involved in the making and delivering one of our projects.
  • Associates ? for people who are already fairly clear about their career path and have some experience of delivering and making work happen. These will be specific job roles and will be paid, but will still offer the chance to learn on the job and provide you with specialist industry mentoring whilst you?re playing an important role in making our project happen!

If you?re interested in being considered for a LeftCoast Studio opportunity, please click HERE and tell us a bit about yourself & attach a CV if you have one.

Don?t worry if you don?t hear from us straight away, lots of exciting projects are coming up, so we?ll be in touch as soon as we have a suitable opportunity to let you know how to apply, or to invite you in for a brief conversational interview.


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