Interactive arts collective flocks to Rossall Beach

Work is about to commence on an exciting interactive art project on Rossall Beach. Invisible Flock, a group of artists commissioned by Rossall Beach Residents & Community Group who look after the shingle beach at Cleveleys, have been busy working on the final details of how they will be working in the beautiful and unique beach location.

The artists will be working with discarded plastic and new fabrication technologies, transforming collected plastic into new artwork for Rossall Beach. Using a state of the art 3D printer they will transform plastic waste into filament, recycling plastic to make 3D printed sculptures.

As part of the commission the artists are setting up collection points with an invitation; ?Help us turn your plastic waste into something beautiful. Drop a message in a bottle and donate your clean and dry plastic bottles here.? Look out for these appearing soon!

Victoria Pratt from Invisible Flock said, ?These collection points will be an opportunity to hear from local people and what the beach means to them. Through this process we hope that residents will help to paint us a picture that will inform and develop the resulting artwork.?

Local primary schools and residents have also been getting involved working with the artists with sessions in May where residents had an opportunity to learn about using digital technology to invent, create and prototype? beautiful interactive objects.

That?s not all; Invisible Flock will also be living in Rossall in June for an artist?s residency so they can really experience all that this great area has to offer by living and working here. The artists will be resident at Rossall Beach from the 7th to the 9th of June. During this initial design period, they will be talking to residents, exploring the area and experimenting with 3D printing. They will use all of the information that they collect throughout this stay to inform the design of the final artwork. You are welcome to drop in and stay hello if you are in the area!

Jane Littlewood, Chair of the Rossall Beach group said ?It?s so exciting to be starting work, the whole process of choosing an artist has been really interesting ? Invisible Flock really get what we are about. We wanted a unique and creative project to be about the environment and also about what we stand for as a group.?

Described by the Guardian as ?real innovators?, Invisible Flock are renowned for creating ground breaking work across multiple art forms. Often using technology in their work, they create artwork which invites people to re imagine the world they live in and how they participate in it.

Laura Jamieson, Creative Engagement Manager at LeftCoast, said: ?The Rossall Beach Project is part of a group of neighbourhood commissions that we are working on this summer and beyond. They are all very different and Rossall is the first to start work. All of the groups we have worked with to develop the projects have been so involved? really making the decisions and leading the work. We have been able to let them get on with it!

?The process we follow is led by the community groups so they develop the commission brief and select the artist, seeing their enthusiasm and excitement for finding the right artist to fit their community is fantastic.?

Watch this space for more information about how Invisible Flock will be collecting your plastic and what they are going to do with it ? Rossall beach will be involved in something extra special this summer!

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