Incredible meal promises to “Dish The Dirt” on where our food comes from

Blackpool’s famous Winter Gardens Pavilion is set to play host to a special meal with a difference on Saturday 24 October. Dishing the Dirt is a performance meal created by artist Kerry Morrison, of artist collective In-Situ, and FoodRiot chef Gill Watson, which will take audiences on a culinary adventure through sustainable food.

The meal forms part of LeftCoast’s Banquet event which aims to bring together artists and communities for a celebration of food and the joy of eating together. It combines performances, installations, talks and shared meals which all explore food, what it means to us and where it comes from

Gill and Kerry have created an ingenious seven course menu made up of mainly food that can be foraged, where every ingredient has been carefully selected to give a fascinating and thought provoking insight into food. The meal will be full of surprises and is definitely not one for the faint hearted with special contributions throughout including one from vegan taxidermist Nicola Jane Hebson, star of Channel 4’s All Creatures Great and Stuffed, plus a special appearance from soil expert Dr Charlie Clutterbuck.

Speaking about Dishing the Dirt, Gill and Kerry said:

“Much of what people eat nowadays gets taken for granted and people just don’t know how it gets to our plates or where it comes from. Dishing the Dirt is really about tackling some of the myths and giving people an insight into sustainable food.

“It’s not one for the faint hearted as there will be a whole host of surprises on the plates, some of which you would never expect. What we can say though is that it will change the way you think about food forever.”

Kerenza McClarnan, Creative Engagement Manager at LeftCoast, added:

“It has been great working alongside Gill and Kerry, their passion for educating people about where their food really comes from shines through. It’s a great addition to the whole Banquet event which has been created in collaboration with members of the community and I’d encourage people to come along and experience it for themselves.”

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