Grand Designs to provide a royal roost in Memorial Park

Seven bird and three bat boxes were installed in Memorial Park on Saturday following LeftCoast and Wyre Council’s competition to design the perfect home for one of our winged friends.

The public were invited to take part in free design workshops where they could get inspiration for the look of their bird or bat box, and the things that are important to remember when creating a habitat for a winged friend.

Over two hundred people entered their grand designs and took part in workshops taking place in schools, libraries and in the park itself. Ten lucky winners were selected by a panel of judges including LeftCoast, Wyre Council and designer Tim Denton.

Having been selected Tim then set to work constructing these tree based homes ready for them to be installed in Memorial Park. The bird and bat boxes will be in place at the park permanently providing valuable nesting space for wildlife in the area.

The winning entries from the children and young people’s categories were Bat-Pool Tower by Miller Casson, Pumpkin by Jack Makin, Pineapple by Chloe Grimes, Fab Ice Lolly by Archie Green, Bird of Paradise by Tilly Hargreaves, The Mount by Meghan Dickson and Kite In A Tree by Bethany Kelly. While the winning entries in the adults and professional’s categories were Wyre Birds Count by David Whiteside, Rain Umbrella by Chris Jackson and Bat Tram by Graham Lea

Michael Trainor, Artistic Director at LeftCoast, said:

“The bird and bat box competition has been a great chance for people to get inspired by what is possible with clever design. Working alongside Tim has given them the opportunity to get their box shaped dreams transformed into a reality and a glamorous home to a bird or bat this winter.”

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