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Dancing on Ice Star Dan Whiston joined LeftCoast and Showtown in launching Get Dancing, the search for 2021’s viral dance sensation.

This creative and ambitious project calls on the public to invent a brand new Blackpool dance for the 21st century, inspired by the town’s own vibrant dance legacy.

Created by Showtown, Blackpool’s museum of fun and entertainment and Blackpool arts organisation LeftCoast – the contemporary collaboration is backed by the finest Blackpool dance talent, including choreography from local dance company House of Wingz and the Blackpool born Dancing on Ice Star himself.

Where better to launch a dancing antidote to the pandemic then Blackpool? For decades the town has been known worldwide as THE place to dance, and in 1938, Lawrence Wright, renowned composer and music publisher created ‘The Blackpool Walk’ music with a novelty dance similar to the ‘Lambeth Walk’ which became extremely popular both in Blackpool’s ballrooms and all over the UK.

This dance craze dwarfed the likes of ‘the Floss’, ‘the Harlem Shuffle’ (and for the TikTok fans out there), ‘the Renegade’, meaning that thousands of Brits would flock to Blackpool every summer eager to learn the latest dance craze created within the town. Dancing really is in the town’s genes!

Speaking about the launch of Get Dancing, Dan said: “As a proud local, I’ve always been amazed by the sheer amount of showbiz talent launched in Blackpool. Blackpool has such an incredible dance background and growing up here meant that performing is in my blood! I can’t wait to get involved with Get Dancing as it’s really a chance to show the world why Blackpool is a town to write home about. This last year has been tough, and dancing really is one of the best ways to keep fit and healthy while having a laugh. Let’s face it, we could all do with a bit of fun right now. Get Dancing everyone!.”

In addition to Dan, Showtown and LeftCoast ensured they got the best backing for the project with their creative lead, House of Wingz. Following a national call-out and selection process the perfect lead for the project was found in Blackpool, once again showing we have home-grown world class talent right here. Blackpool’s House of Wingz, are a dance company and all-round hot house for hip hop culture who are bringing all kinds of creative juice to the table. They are supported by London-based dance extraordinaire Manuela Benini, and Blackpool based designer Nick Steel, who will create the digital imagery for a live performance of the new dance. Callum Harvie, Leeds-based composer has created a new piece of music, inspired by Blackpool’s archive for the project. It really is a winning combination!

2020 hasn’t been an easy time for anyone, and this exciting new project is the perfect opportunity for people to come together digitally and make new connections. In this collaborative approach between people and organisations, Showtown and LeftCoast want to highlight how Blackpool’s dance legacy has sparked the creativity and skills of amateur dancers around the world and the benefits of getting involved with a large-scale dance and music project.

Speaking on Get Dancing, Showtown’s Learning and engagement manager, Kerry Vasiliou said, “With people struggling to keep their spirits up in Lockdown, dancing is the perfect way to let go, keep fit and release those happy hormones as well as bringing people together and we can’t wait to see what the people of Blackpool come up with. It’s time for Blackpool to go viral and do what it does best! When the going gets tough – we come back dancing!”

Tina Redford, LeftCoast’s Artistic Director said, “From the large-scale dance projects that we have produced in the past, we know that the residents that take part have a great time making new friends and the benefits to physical as well as mental wellness are evident. Obviously, it is harder to bring people together in person at the moment but we hope that by February lots of different people will have contributed to the choreography online and we can start to rehearse the dance for real with anyone who would like to get involved in performing it.”

Anyone can get involved, regardless of dancing experience – you just need to submit your favourite dance move online at, via Tik Tok (@houseofwingz) or you can call our Get Dancing hotline on 01253 532989. Your move should encapsulate the vibrancy, joy and creativity of Blackpool’s long dance legacy, and once the best moves have been incorporated into the final dance, Dan will join House of Wingz in launching the dance for the world to learn in February 2021.
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