fleetwood isn’t really seen as a place that stuff starts
or happens
or moves along
but who said it couldn’t be?
who said we couldn’t do that
who said we couldn’t move stuff forward

Front Door, an essay by Lynsey Hanley

Around the time we returned to school after the 1986 summer holidays, a supply of fluorescent Nike windcheaters and Adidas Samba trainers arrived in the Bewise shop on our estate’s shopping precinct. It seemed as though we’d been suddenly furnished with the materials to live the dream overnight. The label gods had bestowed their bounteous overstock on us, the covetous mortals of outer Birmingham, and now we could look as cool as we were told we ought to look.  READ MORE…

FRONT DOOR is a new fashion and streetwear project, celebrating, questioning and talking about identity up here, through clothes, photographs and words

it has been started by artist Ocean Farini and a bunch of under 30s in Fleetwood

the work has been made possible by the huge support from LeftCoast, Regenda Homes, The National Lottery Community Fund and Arts Council England

all models are street cast and from up here

all clothes and images made and shot in Fleetwood