Film Commission Opportunity

Left Coast is looking to commission a film maker to make a series of short films both documenting and in one case creating the final outcome of 3 locally based artist projects we have commissioned on the theme of loneliness.

Background & Brief

LeftCoast have commissioned 3 locally based artists to create new artworks on the theme of loneliness.

The artists selected are all taking very different approaches to that theme and therefore will all require a different documentation approach to capture the outcomes of their work.

  1. Skool of Street will make a dance piece that follows the journey of a single lonely girl living in Blackpool as she traverses the town and expresses her loneliness through dance ? in particular the dance style of Krump, exploring the contrasting images of the busy seaside resort bustling with so many people and the place we know where it is so easy to feel isolated and alone in a crowd.
  2. Buzz Bury, will work with a group of volunteers who have travelled from all over the world to work at the Streetlife charity which works with young homeless people in the Town. Buzz will explore ideas around the loneliness of arrival in a new place where people and language is unfamiliar. The project will involve workshop activities with participant volunteers and a final outcome of a temporary beach installation of written phrases and words collected from the participants and washed away by the tide.
  3. Tina Dempsey will explore words of hope and affirmation, working with communities and groups affected by loneliness to write postcards to other people suffering the same, and passing on thoughts about ways to feel better and connect, phrases to build hope and feel less alone. These postcards will be exhibited at locations throughout the town and in window based vinyl art works.

Our vision is to work with 1 film maker or film company to capture all 3 projects and create 3 distinctive short films that still hang together as a collection and can be viewed together or separately.

In particular the Skool of Street project was envisaged as a dance film, so the filmic element is particularly important in the final realisation/outcome of the work. Buzz?s piece also had a film element in the capturing of the final beach installation, documenting its creation and ultimate destruction by the sea, which he hoped to realise using a drone camera.

We want add a professional support strand as part of our LeftCoast Studio scheme, by connecting the commissioned film maker with a less experienced person, looking to gain professional experience in this area. This will provide some additional hands on support to the delivery of the project, but would require a degree of mentoring and support from our commissioned practitioner.

We are keen to work with a locally based film maker, who can respond to each of these 3 projects and offer some professional development support as outlined.


Timelines for delivery of this project will begin in winter 2017 and continue until summer 2018.

The final films should be available by end June 2018.


Please send us an expression of interest that includes:

  • What interests you about this commission & why you feel you are the right person/organisation for the commission? (500 words)
  • Your CV
  • Links to your film show reel ? with suggestions of previous projects that you think are relevant to this commission.
  • Cost breakdown ? see below.
  • to


  • Closing date for applications is Weds 25th October at 5pm
  • Interviews are to be held in November


There as a budget of up to ?1500 for this film commission. This needs to include all costs, fees, materials and travel.

Please provide a breakdown of your costs and how you would utilise the available budget as part of your application.


Any further questions can be sent to LeftCoast Creative Development Manager, Jenny Rutter tel: 01253 477973.

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