Round 5

Recipient: Ant Briscoe

Commission Total: £1,000

Ant will use his Express grant to explore the delivery of Socially Engaged practice across the UK, meeting artists, Creative People and Places programmes and community activators to seek out the best examples of projects and ideas to bring back to Blackpool and his own work.

Recipient: Ruth Cockburn

Commission Total: £1,000

Ruth intends to continue the development of her theatre practice with her Express grant. Learning from the delivery of her successful Love Letters from Blackpool show, she will go on to explore examples of how she can involve technology in her future work and develop connections to identify directors, dramaturgs and physical theatre practitioners to support her future practice.

Recipient: Buzz Bury

Commission Total: £1,000

Buzz will use his Express grant to enable more effective use of his knowledge and skills of European training & development schemes and transfer these into his own artistic practice.

Recipient: Carlito Juanito & Bomi Seo (Bomlito)

Commission Total: £1,000

Carlito & Bomi will explore suitable routes to take their Bomlito?Graphic Art practice, by visiting art and print fairs, studio groups, meeting with agents and other artists / designers working successfully in this exciting marketplace.

Recipient: Linda Hampton

Commission Total: £1,000

Linda will use her Express grant to see new and exciting theatre work, meet practitioners and undertake some practical writing and performance training to reinvigorate her practice towards making new work herself in 2018.

Round 4

Recipient: Skool of Street

Commission Total: £1,500

Skool of Street used Leftcoast Express to develop their knowledge and skills in Physical Theatre, Spoken word and producing. They also used the grant to attend performances and events within the specialist genre of hip-hop Theatre.

Recipient: Sam Simpson

Commission Total: £1,500

LeftCoast Express has enabled Sam to look at dance at a tool for physical therapy and wellbeing. Sam connected with several practioners in the field, learning more about specific rituals and disciplines relating to dance therapy.

Recipient: Natalie Ward

Commission Total: £1,500

Natalie is using her LeftCoast Express to connect with organisatiosn that hold large scale outdoor public events. She researched and explored different ways of engaging local communities with outdoor events and has explored the power of these events to aid economic regeneration.

Round 3

Recipient: Angelica Burrill

Commission Total: £1,500

Angelica used LeftCoast Express to explore ways of supporting experimental artists and fringe work as a Producer. Angelica created a blog that reviews theatre in the North West and addresses issues in the sector: particularly those of class, classism, and inequality. The grant enabled Angelica to develop her practice as an independent producer.

Recipient: Robin Ross

Commission Total: £1,500

Robin Ross used his Express funding to visit other print makers and print studios, situated around the country. Robin the grant to explore sustainable studio complexes.

Recipient: Mykey Young

Commission Total: £1,500

LeftCoast Express enabled Mykey to develop his skills and understanding around producing and writing boundary pushing theatre work. Mykey focused Musical Theatre, integrating Cirque, Burlesque, Cabaret and Technology.

Recipient: Ann Carragher

Commission Total: £1,500

Ann applied for LeftCoast Express to extend her opportunities, skills and knowledge in the environmental sector. She used the grant to visit a range of unique and inspiring locations and projects, where the relationship between site and space has been visually explored and realised through the medium of art, interdisciplinary practice and or community engagement.

Recipient: Debby Godfrey Brown

Commission Total: £1,500

LeftCoast Express enabled Catherine to develop her practice in order to expand and progress Aunty Social’s work further; specifically in the areas of film and retail.

Catherine used the grant to carry out research to find ways to develop Aunty Social’s pop up Picture house and develop a business plan for the event. She also researched ways to develop Charabanc (retail shop) through networking, sharing ideas and socializing.

Round 2

Recipient: Boz Phillips

Commission Total: £1,500

LeftCoast Express enabled Boz to further her knowledge of the use of arts therapy in the care sector by reaching out to various organisations and visiting them to gain hands on experience.

Recipient: Claire Griffiths

Commission Total: £1,500

Claire used LeftCoast Express to explore audience development and professional development. Claire visited galleries and photography exhibitions, with a view to developing her own skills. Claire’s goal was to find a mentor who could support her in developing her skill set.

Recipient: Melanie Whitehead

Commission Total:

Melanie conducted an intensive period of Research and Development, exploring the feasibility of creating of a small-scale theatre company in Blackpool.

Recipient: Michelle Ramsey

Commission Total: £1,500

With her LeftCoast Express grant, Michelle connected with nationally successful dance companies. The director of a dance company herself, she set out with the goal of acquiring as much guidance as possible from other companies operating further afield.

Recipient: Sean Payne

Commission Total: £1,500

Sean Payne used the Express grant to gain a deeper knowledge and understanding of the wider national arena of contemporary arts workshop practice, to gain the specific training that would both augment his current skill set and strengthen his ambition to create a hub for Blackpool and Wyre’s creative community.

He used the grant to visit different art spaces in various locations to see how they use the space and how they work.

Round 1

Recipient: Adrian Pritchard

Commission Total: £3,960

Adrian’s Express grant enabled him to develop his leadership and project management skills, and allowed him to explore the artistic ambitions relating to the art and science.

Adrian visited several not for profit organisations and galleries, in towns and cities across the UK, that meld science and art in the same way that his own practice does. These visits presented new ideas and inspired Adrian to push the boundaries of his practice and try new ways of working.

Recipient: Ann Charlesworth

Commission Total: £2,700

LeftCoast Express gave Ann the opportunity to develop her confidence and skills as a curator. With previous experience as a curator and gallerist, Ann was keen to make new connections and seek out new opportunities for collaborations and partnership working.

Recipient: Binky & Waggle

Commission Total: £3,000

Amateur filmmakers, Binky and Waggle, used their Express grant to develop their understanding of the film industry. They set out with a film project in mind and met with professionals in the field to gain advice and guidance on how to make their project idea a reality.

Being able to spend time with film makers provided Binky and Waggle with the opportunity to learn about continuity, lighting, costume, sound and how to work with volunteer actors. They also witnessed a time-pressured schedule of filming on location and how to prioritise the shots to make sure the story thread and artistic content is not compromised.

Recipient: Brendan Bunting

Commission Total: £1,300

LeftCoast Express enabled Brendan Bunting to gain a better understanding of how to set up and run a creative social enterprise, in the format of a gallery or production space. Brendan aimed to explore methods of economic development and regeneration through the creative industries.

With the new skills and knowledge he would gain, Brendan’s goal was to bid for funding from Arts Council England to set up an art centre that would contain studio and exhibition space that the community could access.

Brendan’s learning was documented in a video blog as a tool for teaching others.

Recipient: Garth Gratrix

Commission Total: £4,000

Garth’s reasons for accessing LeftCoast Express was to re-establish confidence in his own artistic profession, with a view to establishing new professional relationships and opportunities; with particular interest in coastal culture and organisations working in such geographical locations.

Garth connected with a diverse range of galleries, with an emphasis placed on artist led spaces.

Recipient: Linzi Cason

Commission Total: £1,150

LeftCoast Express enabled Linzi to explore creative venues across the country with a view to learning how she could become a strong creative leader in Blackpool.

She visited various locations and took inspiration from how a variety of art venues started and how they are run today, applying her learning to her own business with a view to developing and strengthening her creative output in Blackpool.

Recipient: Lisa Wigham

Commission Total: £2,000

Lisa Wigham used LeftCoast Express as a way to formalise networking and re-ignite connections with artists and curators she had fostered relationships with around the UK.

Lisa’s goal was to expand her knowledge of what is current in the art-world, gain introductions to people who commission work, gain insights into artist residencies, and start conversations that may lead to future projects.

Recipient: Rick Thompson

Commission Total: £2,500

LeftCoast Express enabled Rick to develop and progress his work establishing a Sound Art organisation within Blackpool.

It was also during the learning process that the possibility of hosting a Sound Art festival became a viable opportunity to aim towards, and provided an opportunity to make contacts and learn skills accordingly.

Rick used the grant to visit different locations to experience other festivals and how they worked in order to use the experience to create his own music festival.