Step 1

Based on the highly successful NESTA Creative Enterprise Tool kit materials, this day long workshop explores the core questions ? what it is that you do, why should anyone care and how are you going to make money out of it? With a bit of simple practical knowledge & planning tools thrown in along the way, this session should give you the confidence to take that leap of faith and push your practice to the next level, whether you are just starting out or need a mid career confidence boost to keep yourself motivated.

The Numbers

Making it all add up, financial planning for creatives. Practical guides, simple terminology and take away spreadsheets to help you plan and manage your finances. Includes; basic budgeting, forecasting and bookkeeping for self employment. This works shop takes you on a step by step journey that will leave you less mystified and more confident in dealing with money.

Navigating the Art World

De-mystifyies the art world and provides concrete ideas for how you might get your work on the radar of the people most pertinent to your practice. It looks at the ecology of the art world from the artist-led space to international art fairs via public institutions and commercial spaces; the roles of curator, gallerist and commissioner and other key players; the strategies and tools for promoting your practice and approaching galleries and curators; establishing and making best use of your networks and provides the background to setting up your own exhibitions. This is a not to be missed chance to learn about where the opportunities are, and how to be in the right place at the right time!

Crowdfunding for the Arts

Do you know your Kickstarter from your Indigogo, or your Brickstarter from your Crowdfunder? In a world of austerity and increasing pressure on public funds and grants, what are the possibilities for getting arts projects funded by like minded folk, who are interested in your ideas? What’s possible, what’s not, how long does it take and how do you make a compelling case for funding direct from ordinary people? This workshop will answer all these questions, and more, and introduce you to the 21st century’s answer to arts philanthropy.

The Theatre Game

This workshop will take you through the complicated world of performing arts practice. Exploring touring & tour booking, producing, theatre based, non traditional & street performance strands and which are the most useful showcases & festivals to take your work to! We will bring in some special guests throughout the day to pass on their experiences of the performance world and you?ll be able to pick their brains to your hearts content.

Creative Ownership

Ever wondered who owns your designs or artwork when you have been commissioned to create something? Have you ever felt short changed by clients or partners when working collaboratively? Do you always feel like you have to accept the terms and conditions offered to you by your client when they don?t seem that good? This workshop explores your relationship with Intellectual Property, what are you generating, how can you protect it, how you can license it to others to make money, as well as how to develop your own contracts to ensure you are setting the terms and conditions under which you operate.

Developing Great Proposals

This workshop uses real world examples of successful & unsuccessful proposals  and aims to unpick exactly what made them good, bad or ugly! Exploring the importance of imagery and language in proposal development and putting your budgeting skills to good use, you will work within the session to develop proposal concepts to respond to a live brief. Attendees of this workshop will be invited to submit a proposal for a dedicated mini commission, with real money attached for the successful applicant.

Social Media Marketing & Promotion

How can you harness the power of social media to promote yourself, your work and develop new audiences? Do you find the world of social media a scary and mind boggling place, or are you as at home on Snapchat, Instagram and Periscope as you are on Facebook and Twitter? What are they all for, which ones should you use, how do you make them work for you and how do you get people to care about what you post? This workshop will explore all of the above ?

So whether you’re a novice or a pro, there will be lessons to learn about how the social media force can be with you!

Show me the Money

A one stop shop day of practical learning about applying for grants. Our friends from the Arts Council will join us to talk about their Grants 4 the Arts funding programme & we?ll introduce other options for funding through trusts & foundations and other potential commissioning streams. Then we will have a go at turning your ideas into bids ? help shape the language, avoid the pitfalls and learn how to read between the lines of the questions being asked by funders to make sure your project proposal will make them take notice.

Communicating with Confidence

Do you struggle to get your point across effectively in groups or meetings? Do you have trouble influencing decisions to go your way? Are you nervous speaking in front of others or doing presentations? Or would you just appreciate a bit of fine tuning of your communication style to make sure you?re the best you, you can be? Delivered by the wonderful Rivca Rubin ? whose areas of expertise are in communication and leadership development, conflict resolution and change management, creative thinking and future visioning, this workshop will help you develop the authentic you within professional settings, to become well prepared and resourceful and to speak & listen effectively to inspire others to ask you what you want them to know.

The Creative Essentials

Insurance, tax returns, bank accounts, risk assessments, evaluation and monitoring forms etc. There are just some bits of being a professional artist that quite frankly are not very interesting, but we know we need to do them. So if we?re going to do it, we might as well know as much about it as possible, so we can get it over and done with quickly ? and actually we might learn some stuff that makes some of the boring bits quite useful and important in our creative practice in the future!

Life After Academy

Once you’ve undertaken all this learning, then you may want some support to put it all into practice, and get you over the inevitable bumps in the road that come your way. Our Action Learning set course will train you in the art of active listening, open questioning, and supportive solutions focused coaching techniques, which you will then put to use in small action learning set groups of your fellow academy participants and a trained facilitator. Action learning set sessions can then take place as often as you like, to help you take your creative practice to the next level through positive peer group support.