We do not currently have any active creative support programmes. If you are looking for creative support please contact the Arts Service at Blackpool Council or Lancashire County Council.

Archived Programmes

Creative Support - Surgeries


LeftCoast Surgeries were for artists or creatives looking for professional development support or just wanting to talk about their creative ideas and how to put them into action. We can offered advice on how to apply for funding and building the right network of contacts to get projects underway.

Creative Support - Express


LeftCoast Express was a self-directed learning programme for artists, creative producers, curators and programmers living in Blackpool and Wyre aimed at developing their leadership skills in the arts. LeftCoast Express 7 applications closed on Monday 27 May 2019.

Future Popular May 2017


Future Popular was an opportunity for artists, arts organisations, producers and existing or new collectives based in Blackpool and Wyre, to contribute to LeftCoast’s ambition to find new audiences and explore the space between entertainment/popular culture and art in order to find out what is the Future Popular. Applications are currently closed for this programme.

Future Popular May 2017


Golden Section was LeftCoast’s programme of creative conversations where visiting artists, creatives or generally extraordinary people were invited to town to give a chance to hear about how they got where they are today. This programme is currently completed for the time being – watch this space for a new programme of creativity in Art B&B.

Creative Support - Studio


LeftCoast Studio was an artist development programme, which created connections between local creative talent and LeftCoast’s commissioned arts organisations, production teams and all the creative professionals that deliver our creative programme. This programme is currently closed but we still encourage our commissioned artists to provide opportunities wherever possible for local aspiring creatives to shadow their work.

Creative Support Academy


LeftCoast Academy was a programme of professional creative practice workshops  designed to support the needs of local makers, artists and generally creative folk, by giving them the fundamental building blocks upon which to build a solid professional future.