Corona Lockdown

Henry Iddon

Henry* was commissioned in March 2020 to actively document lockdown across Blackpool and Wyre. As a press photographer he had the permission to travel further from his house in a way that the rest of the nation did not. We didn’t know where this commission would go at it’s inception, we just knew that it would be a lost opportunity if we failed to capture the impact of the lockdown in the local area. In moments such as this, the narrative often comes from our big conurbations and cities, overlooking the smaller unseen communities. We know that at some point in the future there will need to be some local reflection and understanding of what people went through and that these photographs maybe key in that dialogue. We also felt that the situation was changing so quickly, people forgot what they went through yesterday, last week or last month, recording it visually would help people to accurately recall this time.

Below is an online exhibition from this collection. It shows the unique ways that lockdown was experienced across Blackpool and Wyre, from food insecurity to vast deserted beaches on bank holiday weekends.

*Henry Iddon has over 20 years experience as a professional photographer supplying location photography of action, architecture, documentary and modern lifestyles. Always finding the aesthetic in the everyday. Working to a tight creative brief or within uncontrollable ‘live’ situations and street casting, his aim is to produce images that not only sit within the discourse that is contemporary art and culture but also compliment the very best in commercial print and digital media.