Banquet Artist Commission

Banquet is a new participatory project from LeftCoast. Banquet will be a collaborative event, celebrating all the positive aspects of food and the sense of community that it can bring. It will explore the art of eating together, local produce, healthy food, cooking and growing your own.

Banquet will involve a range of participatory arts commissions throughout spring and summer 2015, which will produce and grow the content and ingredients to host a number of curated meals at the main event in October. Banquet will also feature an info market place, talks, films, food demonstrations and performances.

Banquet will be a NO WASTE event, so all foodstuffs, products and creative materials will be re-made, re-used and passed on to local communities, groups and services.

We want to work with a wide range of communities and groups to commission and work with artists, to shape and develop the event and to engage in making, growing and eating all the elements of Banquet.

Deadline for submissions is 5pm on Wednesday 8 April.

Click here to download the brief.

For more information contact Jenny Rutter via