Apply now to be LeftCoast’s new Qualitative Arts Evaluator

Apply now! LeftCoast is looking for a new Qualitative Arts Evaluator. (Photo: Claire Griffiths)

What is the opportunity? 

LeftCoast (Blackpool) is an Arts Council, Creative People and Places project and has a programme of arts, culture and creative activity that is working towards the following Arts Council outcomes: 

  • To empower communities to take the lead in shaping and/or co creating local cultural provision 
  • To regularly engage more people from low engaged places so they can experience, create and be inspired by arts and culture, both as audiences and/or participants 
  • For both the process of engaging communities and the art and culture itself to be excellent 
  • To learn from past experiences and create an environment where the arts and cultural sector can experiment with innovative approaches to engaging communities 
  • To learn more about how to establish sustainable and relevant arts and cultural opportunities and make this learning freely available across the cultural sector 
  • To encourage partnerships across the subsidised, amateur, voluntary, and commercial sectors as well as collaborations across community, arts organisations, museums and libraries
  • To demonstrate the power of arts and culture to enrich the lives of individuals making positive changes in communities 
  • Where possible, to maximise digital opportunities for cultural engagement, empowering the public 

We are seeking an external consultant with expertise in Qualitative evaluation practices to work alongside our already appointed Quantitative Evaluator, to help us tell the human stories, and assess the human impact that our work in Blackpool has, as well as support the team to reflect on what is working and what isn’t so that we have a regular cycle of reflection built into our programme development. 

The Evaluator would need to: 

  • Design and implement a programme of qualitative evaluation, that provides regular feedback on project impacts. Can be fed into funding reports as well as project planning and reflection, and helps us communicate what we’re doing with people outside the organisation 
  • Develop an evaluation methodology that regularly includes the voice of residents. We are keen that this is developed in a way that it becomes part of our process, utilising the team and residents in data collation and interpretation so that participants do not feel as though they’re in a goldfish bowl 
  • To review our current processes and help us to refine our way of evaluating that is robust but human centred and works with our process led practice. 
  • Work in partnership with our quantitative evaluator to help us tell our story robustly

From April 2022 LeftCoast will be in its fourth phase of funding from the Arts Council – to April 2025 this is the period for the contract. 

Access the full brief now to find out more information about the role and how you can apply.

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