Community Darkroom - Claire Walmsley Griffiths

Claire Griffiths* was commissioned in May 2021 to undertake a micro residency at our Boston Way residency site. Claire is a photographer with a socially engaged practice who grew up on Hawes Side so wanted to use the micro residency to explore the resident’s connection to the area as well as her own family history there.

Claire used the residency house as a community darkroom, inviting Boston way residents to develop old film and borrow new cameras to document the area they know. Over the 6 weeks of her residency, she collected thoughts, audio recordings, opinions, film and photographs. At the end of the residency Claire turned the window of the residency house into a viewing platform to see the film she had made with the residents.

You can view the film below.

*Claire is a photographer based in Blackpool Lancashire, exploring the possibilities of human connection through photography. She is interested in photographic installation/audio and exchange stemming from biographical ideas involving notions of audiences as participants, exploration of social labels, shared experience, human connection, and how we measure self-worth.