Anna Horton Cremin - Micro Residency Artist

Anna* undertook a Real Estate micro residency with us in Flakefleet to further explore the notion of games, play and invention that permanent artist in residence Ocean Farini had observed in the young people living in her area.

During her residency stay Anna worked with children at Flakefleet School, to develop new games and ways to move around their school grounds. They spent time in the classroom and outdoors experimenting with their own ideas of what a game should be. The children named the games, drew the process involved and created their own lists of rules. The game ranged from ‘Ninja Trickster’ to ‘Aliens and Astronauts’ and ‘Zombie Goose’, with rules such as ‘no cheating or fighting’,  ‘the robbers can’t run out of jail when the cops aren’t looking’ ‘astronauts have to jump, aliens have to sway’.

Once the children were happy with games they had designed, they were then printed onto play silks that were given back to the school to be used as a break time resource.

As well as working with the children at the school Anna worked with Ocean on experiments in the front garden of the residency house, from painting fences to creating structures out of pallets to suggest different ways of using the space available in the neighbourhood.

*Anna Horton Cremin is a Manchester based Artist who uses games and play to bring people together in new and unexpected ways. She uses playful interventions to talk about complex issues including what we want our future world to be like. Her practice is currently looking at how the first playgrounds were created: built by children out of the materials they found in the destruction and dereliction of WWII. These acts of building and playing started the adventure playground movement, allowing children to take risks and create their own environments. Through Anna’s practice she wants to encourage audiences to take risks by building their own play spaces, giving chances for people to imagine alternative futures together