A B&B Artists Commission Opportunities

Art Bed and Breakfast (A B&B) is re-imagining the traditional Blackpool Bed and Breakfast hotel for the 21st Century. We are renovating a traditional seafront B&B (there are over 3000 B&B?s in Blackpool) with every aspect being a potential artist commission – from whole rooms to tiny details, from exterior facades to daily procedures.

The aim of A B&B is to become a self-sustaining entity as part of a new cultural landscape. All profits will be re-invested into:

  • Further commissioning and programming;
  • Talent and professional development for artists and creative producers;
  • The continued development of A B&B as a social and creative space to engage artists and communities

What we are commissioning?

We are looking for proposals from artists to create site specific permanent or semi-permanent art works to be integrated into the physical structure and operations of the building from spring of 2016. The work will be commissioned by A B&B (Community Interest Company) and supported by LeftCoast, Arts Council England and Clore Duffield Foundation. (see the end of this document for more information about our fantastic supporters)

We would like to commission a wide range of artists to create up to 19 available bedrooms, ground floor public spaces, exterior spaces, their contents and a host of other possibilities in the context of the unique location of Blackpool.

At this stage we are not being over prescriptive about what form we see these commissions taking, we are looking for proposals across all mediums, from installation and visual art to architecture, craft, design, light and sound. Ultimately what we want is something that inspires and engages the people that will visit A B&B in a creative conversation and help positively challenge and change current perceptions of the place.

Artists may take inspiration from the setting of A B&B, its cultural context and its spaces but equally you are invited to take the opportunity to reimagine and re-explore boundaries of your own practice to produce your best work.

In short, you create the art that attracts people to stay and engage with new experiences and they (the public) support the arts while they sleep!

Download the full brief to find out more about this opportunity

Take this opportunity to have a look at our website at?https://abandb.co.uk/

Please send your proposals to?info@abandb.co.uk by 7pm on Monday 14 March 2016.