Since 2013

Highly-engaging and socially-useful arts

LeftCoast delivers highly-engaging and socially-useful arts and cultural projects in Blackpool. Since 2013, we have been co-producing ambitious and transformative experiences with neighbourhood communities across the town.


Our story

A route to genuine transformation

LeftCoast facilitates the connections between socially-engaged artists and Blackpool residents. In our experience, there’s an alchemy that happens when an artist and a community become enchanted with each other and mutual, creative possibilities emerge. This relationship, and the making that happens at the heart of it, can be a route to genuine transformation in peoples’ lives. 

Our Latest Project

Futurefarmers head to Blackpool with their Beachship

Latest Project


International artists Futurefarmers will arrive on Blackpool’s shores with their one-of-a kind Beachship this month, ready to make waves and capture imaginations! 

The dynamic collective of artists, designers, and architects will team up with local arts company LeftCoast to explore the relationship between the sea and the people who live nearby. They’ll do this by working with local residents to build a spectacular Beachship – a mobile artwork that will appear on the beach next to all three of Blackpool’s iconic piers. 

Equipped with unique tools for observing, playing, sharing, and relaxing, the Beachship is designed to reconnect us with the natural beauty of the seaside. Futurefarmers will use this innovative creation to explore how we can rediscover joy through nature, challenging us to rethink the boundaries between culture and the environment.