Since 2013

Highly-engaging and socially-useful arts

LeftCoast delivers highly-engaging and socially-useful arts and cultural projects in Blackpool. Since 2013, we have been co-producing ambitious and transformative experiences with neighbourhood communities across the town.


Our story

A route to genuine transformation

LeftCoast facilitates the connections between socially-engaged artists and Blackpool residents. In our experience, there’s an alchemy that happens when an artist and a community become enchanted with each other and mutual, creative possibilities emerge. This relationship, and the making that happens at the heart of it, can be a route to genuine transformation in peoples’ lives. 

Our Latest Project

These People Are Our Kinship

Latest Project

Morag Myerscough

Discussions of community and kinship have been on the lips of Blackpool residents this summer, as a jubilant, 4.5 metre tall artwork popped up in unlikely places across the town.

Fresh off the back of Glastonbury, international artist Morag Myerscough brought her bold and colourful artistic approach into community settings, with a touring pavilion, which she co-created with over 100 local residents.

The exuberant installation, titled These People Are Our Kinship (a direct quote from a Blackpool resident), radiated euphoria with its florescent lettering and striking design, as it appeared next to The Hub at South Shore, Claremont Park Community Centre, and Revolution Community Hub – all of which stood as proud backdrops to the work.